• As a gluten-free family, we find many quality rice-based foods that we love at very reasonable prices.

    Sam’s Testimonial

  • The Asian Food Store is one of the best stocked specialty stores I've been to in Minnesota. They have products I haven't seen since we left S.E. Asia! We love this store!

    Megan’s Testimonial

  • Being from Cambodia, it is often hard for me to find ingredients for the food I like to cook. But the Asian Food Store has almost everything I need. Fresh produce every week, herbs, and lots of ingredients. The family that owns the store is very friendly and they speak Khmer!

    TEE’s Testimonials

  • We have been shopping at the Asian Food Store for many years now. We go because we can depend on quality products and because we really like the family who owns the store. In this world of big, busy stores it's so nice to go into the same place, see the same owners and be remembered and greeted.

    Lydia’s Testimonial